Who Needs Chiropractic?

Happy Healthy Family

The question, "who needs chiropractic?" continues to puzzle the general population. The answer to this question requires a simple common sense approach to health. The answer may appear simple if answered by someone who has just completed care from an injury. They might say; Anyone with Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, etc. or any condition for which they received help. For many others that have started care and experienced the sense of better health and well being while under care, their answer might be; Anyone who had a condition and wants to maintain better health.

The true answer is discovered by understanding what causes spinal imbalance and what effect this can have on health. While there are many factors that contribute to spinal misalignment, some of the most common factors include; sports injuries, car accidents, slips and falls, poor prolonged sitting posture, the downward force of gravity, muscular imbalance, muscular tension due to stress, etc… Once misalignment of the spine occurs a series of events begins to take place which includes; increased joint strain, increased muscular strain, early degenerative arthritis, impairment of the nervous system and ultimately diminished health due to a weakened nervous system. As the alignment continues to progress, the factors will eventually create symptoms; however, this is usually the last stage of the process.

The answer now seems more obvious. Anyone that has or has had any of the above stress factors in their life, wants to reduce the chances of arthritis and disease and improve the quality of their health.

Structural stress is a fact of life and Chiropractic care is the single greatest tool to reduce the negative effects this can have on health.

As you know, March has always been our open house month. The reason I began this process was so that our patients could give their friends and family members without symptoms the opportunity to get their spines evaluated and to discover a simple way to improve health. Contrary to my original intentions, it has become a day where many people with health problems that have been neglecting a health problem use this opportunity to get evaluated. While we are happy to attend to these patients, please do not neglect this opportunity to introduce your loved ones to a greater opportunity for health.